Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse

The shuttle driver to Tapik Beach came by a few minutes early, but he said he had to wait for passengers leaving at 4:00 and offered to arrange bus passage for me.  I did not want to wait 5 hours so I accepted. It was kind of cool.  While we were waiting to depart I bought ice cream from a vendor who was selling it to passengers through the open windows.  This was not a tourist bus.  We loaded a ton of cargo, then picked up and dropped off people and cargo all along the way.  When we finally got to our destination, the hotel manager, Randy, was waiting for me with his motorcycle.  We jumped on and rode about half a mile down the beach to my home for 3 days.  It was perfect!

DSC01097 DSC01095

The Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse is paradise. Located in Bario Silbatan in the northern Part of El Nido, it’s about 2 hours from the city of El Nido.   It was totally worth the trouble it took to get there.  I stayed 3 nights, but would have enjoyed staying longer.  I had a bamboo hut right on the beach.  There are few amenities.  There’s just one bathroom each for men and women, but there were only 2 other women there, Vanessa and Marie, so it was not a problem.  In fact, the only time I did have to wait, Thomas, Marie’s boyfriend, was the one who came out.  And there was the night I went to take a shower and there was a giant, angry crab in the way.   The kitchen staff came and got him out.  At night Randy built a campfire on the beach, or moved all the dining tables off the open air restaurant to the sand so we could enjoy the stars.  We did a snorkeling/island hopping tour one day and never ran into other tourists.  The next day we kayaked down a river lined with mangroves.  Mainly it was just a great place to sit and relax, unless I needed the internet, but I’m not going to complain about that. It was hard to leave, but on to Banaue.

DSC01110 DSC01111 DSC01113 DSC01128 DSC01135 DSC01149 DSC01157


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