Global Education Unit Plans

Spanish 7th grade, Roma Stutts TGC Unit Stage 3 and Lesson 1

Spanish 8th grade, Roma Stutts, Global Education Unit Plan: Mi dia escolar unit (developed post-field experience)

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ELA 6th grade, Alexandra Axell O’Callaghan    Alex O’Callaghan_English_Grade 6_Protest Poetry Around the World

ELA 7th grade, Angie Madsen UnitLessonPlansAngieMadsen

ESOL 7th grade, Gail Heard Complete Stages 1, 2 and 3 of Unit Plan Gail Heard

Science, 7th grade, Keven Tambara KTambara Unit Plan-1

Social Studies, 7th grade, Glenda Savoy Glenda Savoy – Social Studies – 7th Grade – Culture of Countries of the Eastern Hemisphers

Math, 6th grade, Lisa Caswell


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