Peru 2014

I traveled to Cuzco, Peru on June 7 with my 19 year old son Harper.  We went as volunteers through IVHQ.  I signed up to teach for 6 weeks and Harper volunteered for 2 weeks of construction.  During our 3rd week, we met my friend and former co-worker Nila, who lives in Peru, for a trek to Machu Picchu.   When I planned the trip, Machu Picchu was going to be my only side trip, but I wound up whitewater rafting down the Urubamba, making a pilgrimage to Qolloriti and climbing up to a glacier, and hiking through the rainforest.

This was the most exciting and rewarding experience I have had to date.  Looking back, I wish I had started this blog or kept a better journal while I was there.  I’m going to split this section of my bog into 4 parts:

Living and Working in Cuzco

El Camino Salkantay and Machu Picchu


El Parque Nacional de Manú.


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