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Why ‘World Savvy’ Education Will Better Prepare Students And Make The U.S. More Competitive


Pinterest is my favorite spot to look for teaching ideas.  My boards contain many pins specifically for my Spanish classes and ESOL, as well several categories specific to global education.

Delicious is an online bookmark where you categorize and save your links.  It’s useful if you use different computers or if you share bookmarks with colleagues.

Edmodo is an online community where you can set up groups for your classes or colleagues, or join existing groups that share your interests or content area.


Connect All Schools aims to connect all schools in the US with schools in another country

iEarn – International Education and Resource Network provides opportunities for students across cultures to work collaboratively on projects

World Wise Schools is offered by the Peace Corps to provide resources and correspondence and guest speakers to address global issues


Duolingo is the best online language learning site I have found.  It’s fun and it’s free.  I use it personally and as an activitiy for my students.

Livemocha is another free site that is excellent.  You can receive feedback on your lessons from native speakers and in return they ask that you review the lessons of people learning your native langauge. It is also a social network where you can easily find fellow language-learners to communicate with via e-mail or Skype.


The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education has lesson plans developed for Terra Cycle by grade level.

National Geographic has a Geo-Educator Community page that offers resources for teachers including lesson plans, activities, cultural exchange opportunities, and professional development.

Primary Source provides a wealth of resources for teachers including complete lesson plans created by teachers on global issues.

TeachUNICEF offers complete lesson plans and resources on global issues such as child labor, health, gender equality, and others.  Plans can be located by topic or grade level.  I have integrated parts of these lesson plans into my existing units.


Educating for Global Citizenship: A guide for schools by OXFAM.  A guide for incorporating global education in school.  Provides a definition and criteria for global education. Contains a curriculum guide by age for Global Citizenship Skills and examples of lessons.

Educating for Global Competence: Preparing our Youth to Engage the World by Veronica Boiz Mansilla and Anthony Jackson.  A publication of the Asia Society which provides a detailed look at the skills students need to develop to become global citizens with case studies examining student projects.

Teacher Preparation for the Global Age: The Imperative for Change by the Longview  Foundation, a framework for preparing pre-service to incorporate internationalism into instruction and an overview of the need for qualified teachers in world languages, especially those not commonly taught.

UNESCO – Guidelines on Intercultural Education describes key issues and interrelationships between various aspects of culture such as education, language, heritage, religion, majority and minority relationships.  It also describes the roles and objectives of intercultural education.


Global Competence Certificate is a graduate level certification program in global education for in-service teachers

IREX – Teachers for Global Classrooms is year long professional development opportunity for teachers gain competency as classroom teachers of global education and advocates to promote global education in their schools and districts.


Gordon Brown – Global Ethics v National Interest

Dan Rather’s interview with Linda Darling-Hammond on Finland

Yong Zhao – Teach Children to Invent Jobs




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