How to use this guide: Introduction

I designed this website as part of my capstone project for TGC (Teachers for Global irexClassrooms).  It is intended to serve as a resource to:

  • help teachers and administrators better understand what it means to help our students global citizens
  • provide access to resources within the community and international to broaden global education in our schools
  • show examples of units and lessons in all of the content areas that incorporate global education
  • inform teachers of opportunities that are available to broaden their personal global experience

So, what is global education?  It is FAR more than finding exotic places on a map. Global education is a means to help students understand that they represent an integral part of the world at large.  It enables them to realize their interconnection with people beyond their personal realm of experience.  Global education helps students better understand and appreciate different cultures and understand different perspectives in ways that open their minds to develop their communication  and collaboration skills.  Globally education enhances creativity and problem solving abilities as well.  Global education is crucial for developing skills that will enable students to become competitive in a 21st century job market.

This page consists of the following components.  Some have drop-down menus that link to the various tools within each section.

Blog – My blog entries begin with my trip to the Philippines and continue with my reflections since the trip.  They will be ongoing and I welcome any feedback. 

About me – That one is self-explanatory.  Hopefully it will evolve over time.  I already changed as a result of my most recent international experience.

Study– This section includes a digital learning survey, which was a personal evaluation  of the tools available in my own school, and a blank for other teachers interested in using this tool.   There is a Global Education Assessment tool that can be used by teachers, administrators, and district office personnel.  Finally there is a directory for a variety of additional resources that may be used by teachers, administrators, and students.

Teach – This section contains links for international learning opportunities, community resources, information about standards-based global education, and examples of units in different content areas

Travel – This is my favorite section. I included international teaching experiences that I had in China and Peru before becoming involved with TGC.  My professional experience in the Philippines is covered in my blog, but I spent an additional 2 weeks backpacking around the country after my assignment.  My hope is that this section will motivate and inspire other teachers to seek out opportunities to teach abroad or engage in some type of cultural exchange.“>http://

This website is not an official U.S. Department of State website. The views and information presented are my own and do not represent the Teachers for Global Classrooms Program, IREX, or the U.S. Department of State.


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