Global Student Education Assessment Tools Inventory

global checklist

Click on the image above to access the Global Education, a self-assessment tool that may be utilized by stakeholders at the school, district, and state levels of education. Questions are based on the central themes of  global issues, global culture, and global connections.  The broad array of topics ranges from student awareness of culture or events, diversity of the school, materials available in the library, to student exchange programs.  Each question is evaluated on a scale of 1 – 4.

I personally found this checklist to be an eye-opener.  I knew that I needed to improve my skills as a global educator, and that my school had room for growth, but I had never considered all the factors that are involved in providing comprehensive global education and how many opportunities there are for improvement.

It takes a little time to go through this assessment thoroughly.  You don’t need to complete every section, but it would be worthwhile to look through the whole document and see all the components.

Additional Assessment Tools

Asia Society’s  Checklist for Teaching Global Competence, is found on page 71 of their publication, Educating for Global Competence:  Preparing our Youth to Engage the World by Veronica Boix Mansilla and Anthony.  This is a concise checklist that assists teachers to assess their curriculum in terms of helping students achieve global competence.

EdSteps Global Competence Matrices are a set of matrices designed for students and teachers, including a main competence matrix, and a separate matrices for Arts, ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language. The categories for assessment are Investigate the World, Recognize Perspectives, Communicate Ideas, and Take Action.

The Global Awareness Rubric, designed by the Metiri Group in cooperation with NCREL is a detailed rubric for assessing student global awareness.


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